Chaise Dieu

Photo here is of amazing cathedral high up in the Massif Central in Chaise Dieu today after Arlanc where stayed the night last night.

(on which subject, THANKS Michelle, who as fellow passionate cyclist picked me up on the road just before six o’clock last night and offered me food and lodging out of the bleu!!! Now that’s French hospitality).

Chaise Dieu is about 1000 metres up (yes, long slow slog with Raven, but we loved it) and was home to a lowly monk who in the 14th century, my Lonely Planet tells me, began studying here as Pierre Roger de Beaufort, and went on to become Pope Clement VI, mnaking sure that his home village got LOTS of funds to build one awesome church.

Which, at 1300 lunchtime, was of course SHUT. So, didn’t get to see inside, but is said to be well worth the visit.

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