Fairytale castle

Two pictures from a glorious, snowy, sunny, Alpine day that don’t need to wait…

Neuschwanstein Castle near Fuessen, 25 miles into today’s ride, and the inspiration for all those Disneyland theme parks. Built by Bavariia’s beloved but eccentric King Ludwig II 1869-86, before the government of the day had him declared mad and locked away.

But so full of tourists – I’ve heard Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese, Vietnamese, Hungarian, American, Italian and even German – that there’s no point in waiting the hours necessary to get in.

So, back onto Raven in what must count as some of the world’s prettiest scenery – see also shot of hairpins and snow from yesterday afternoon.

More this evening over some Bavaria beer, possibly better than Czech. No, on second thoughts good, but not better.

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