The rest of today’s photos

The Alpine flowers are at last beginning to bloom. Very late, but delightful. Mum, this photo was for you!

And on the same theme, the green of the meadows here in the German south takes one’s breath away. How do they do it?

Like the English lawn, it’s easy. Just nurture/roll/manure for hundreds of years. And believe me, there’s a LOT of manuring going on here in Bavaria at the moment. The picture shows the muckspreading at work. Imagine the whiff. Rich and fertile, very!

I was going to report in today’s blog about how one keeps The Body, Adonis-like, at supreme performance fitness. When averaging 9.2 mph as I did today, or reaching top speeds of 39.2mph (I’ll make 40 one day, but only when there isn’t a whacking great hairpin bend looming) , in a total of 7.36 hours in the saddle, the longest actual cycling day yet in what after tomorrow and Salzburg will be four weeks since I left home.

Sadly, I’m finding that enjoying a couple of beers and a decent cooked meal in the evening is making sure that no podge is being lost at all in all this steady pedalling, though perhaps it is being redistributed.

Perhaps I’ll come back in a later blog to the theme of how it feels physically to be doing this. Rather good, actually.

I must stop. Or I WILL be toast.

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