The rest of today’s photos

The Alpine flowers are at last beginning to bloom. Very late, but delightful. Mum, this photo was for you! And on the same theme, the green of the meadows here in the German south takes one's breath away. How do they do it? Like the English lawn, it's easy. Just nurture/roll/manure for hundreds of years. […]

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Bearing One’s Cross

After spending an hour this morning re-posting my Serious Wistful Thoughts from yesterday, which Blogger.Com had got all confused, I'm going to try one post today with three pix, and then a separate one just with pix, but text will refer to both. Make sense? If yes, then read on. After yesterday's thoughts about the […]

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Fairytale castle

Two pictures from a glorious, snowy, sunny, Alpine day that don't need to wait… Neuschwanstein Castle near Fuessen, 25 miles into today's ride, and the inspiration for all those Disneyland theme parks. Built by Bavariia's beloved but eccentric King Ludwig II 1869-86, before the government of the day had him declared mad and locked away. […]

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