Fairytale castle

Two pictures from a glorious, snowy, sunny, Alpine day that don't need to wait… Neuschwanstein Castle near Fuessen, 25 miles into today's ride, and the inspiration for all those Disneyland theme parks. Built by Bavariia's beloved but eccentric King Ludwig II 1869-86, before the government of the day had him declared mad and locked away. […]

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The Snow Must Go On

One thing I can't quite crack with this Blackberry blog is how to make sure the photos get posted in the right order. I think I'm going to give up expecting precision, and let you make your own connections. Among which (connections) today is one of precipitation. I did enjoy a German road sign this […]

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There are downsides to cycling a long distance on one's own like this (at least there must be, though I can't think of too many at this moment). But one of the absolute upsides is the people one meets. The Moroccan immigrant in a small hotel in France (whither I'd fled from the rain) talking […]

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Germany rocks…

I'm risking posting five photos tonight as there's no dominant theme today – but rather, sitting in a Swiss (I think, see below) – Italian restaurant full of spaghetti and rejuvenating beer, and regular guests aruond me talking of Berlusconi's absurd victory in the Italian elections, a glow of accomplishment having at last cycled more […]

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The Siebenthal Bomb Shelter

Wonderful welcome at the von Siebenthals this (Sunday) evening in Oberdorf. 43 miles from Berne, glorious Swiss landscape and NO RAIN!! And if you were wondering what their bomb shelter in the basement looks like, here it is with Rolf, Karin and daughter Lena in bright yellow helmets. That door is nearly a foot thick, […]

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Moving on at last…

The weather forecast for the Bern area in Switzerland is sunny today, Sunday, so time to be cycling on again, recovered, repaired, recuperated, restored – with warm and dry thanks to Bob and Doodie in Geneva and to Clare in Bern. Tomorrow’s forecast is again for heavy rain. But if I stay any longer, this […]

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