Hunkering down….

Yes, the wonderful cycling and feeling good about the world couldn’t last forever. Payback time. Some of the wettest April weather the region around Geneva has experienced for decades, and getting soaked two days running has landed me with the mother of all colds. But thank the universe for Bob and Doodie Evans here in […]

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Ah well. Eventrually one pays the price for perfect riding days… It has been WET today, heading up towards Geneva but falling well short. Major insight: rain and mountains slow you down. Duh!! I may not make it to Beijing after all before having to return to England in July, it seems. (Actually, Bucharest and […]

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Nuclear 2 and sun

So, on day 16 of the journey (7 hours in the saddle, 61 miles, just 8.6 mph average speed) what do these pictures relate?? No prizes, but guess. Pause. OK, I'll give you a clue. Steam rising vertically into a blue sky from power station cooling towers at Hieres on the way from Lyon towards […]

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French Cuisine

Back on the road, from St Etienne and John Laxton's place (old Uni friend, shared a room '68-'69 at Leeds) to youth hostel at Lyon, whence this blog. Lovely to see John and his delightful Eng/Am Lit professorial partner Denise after so many years, and especially amazing to be treated by them (thanks!) to THE […]

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Great riding day

Wow, has today been one of the best riding days ever, or THE best riding day ever? Sixty miles down the upper Loire, through stunning volcanic gorge after stunning gorge, from Le Puy north towards St Cyprien near St Etienne and my old university friend John. For those with a technical bent, 60.24 miles, av […]

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Riding a bike for a long distance is very much like a meditation. Life, love, the universe etc. For those familiar with EMDR, there's something powerful about the bilateral brain stimulation of left pedal, right pedal, left pedal, right pedal ad infinitum, keeping one anchored in the present. Tom in Paris asked, what on earth […]

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This is my patent baguette protection and conveyance system. Rolled in my sleeping mat. Works perfectly. Even kept (most) of my pain (if it this big, I’m told, it’s actually a pain and not a baguette) dry through a day of downpour. This pic belongs much earlier, to last weekend just south of Paris when […]

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And finally

And finally for today, not sure whether this picture will come out, but the view of Le Puy coming down the hill from the west is stunning. Three volcanic plugs with medieval churches or absurd statues on top of each. Raven of course pushing her way in to the picture foreground as ever. Le Puy […]

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