Raven’s Seat

And I couldn’t resist either a further almost-final shot, taken in Little Venice in Central London today, of Raven’s Brooks B17 leather seat after 4000 miles of intimate massage…

It looks, and feels, a whole lot more comfortable than when I set out at Easter.

Cycling into London from the English South-East, I have to say, came close to prompting a forgiveness of Belgium after all.

It was grim. Dirty, appallingly-signposted cycle tracks, ending in dead ends and glass-strewn back alleys. Unlovely in the extreme, and enough to put even the most dedicated continental cyclist off continuing a trip into deeper England.

I guess I really have been spoiled by Germany and The Netherlands, and even by France. And am look forward to going back to all those places, with tandem and Sue, soon – indeed, the Loire in August.

Indeed, both a blogging and cycling addict.

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