Beware the Power of Parental Example

Time, perhaps, to start adding some new thoughts, as we nearly enter 2009.

First, although not sure whether and who will be following this, beware indeed the power of parental example.

Picture left is of 21-year-old daughter Katharine (Katie to her friends, the full version to her Dad) packed up and ready to head to New Zealand tomorrow, first day of the new year, with bike, for anything up to four years (more, maybe) of delayed gap-yearing, WOOF-ing (working on organic farms) and cycling back west towards the UK through her birthplace of China.

Great stuff! And one proud Dad. Bike is now boxed up, ready for the bus journey to Heathrow tomorrow, where she and it will be emplaned. Good luck.

And Kate/Katie/Kat/Katharine leaves behind a Dad and stepmum Sue seriously considering following her round the world in 2010/2011 on our tandem. Now, THAT would be a trip of a lifetime. For which the Budapest jaunt-and-back would turn out to have been just a gentle warm-up.

Travel now while stocks last. I am ever less optimistic that humankind will get the plot on climate change before it’s too late. Which it probably already is. And on which, is one of the best sites around.

Let me know if you’ve read/found this. It might encourage me to start blogging again!