Dreams and Reflections

In talking to non psychotherapists about climate change and what we may have to offer, I find myself thinking about the ‘one foot in one foot out’ dance well known to psychotherapists in practice. This building of a witness position averts the flip-flop from denial to apathy/despair.

But what we touched on in our talk Mark was how to talk about the subject of ‘we’re toast’ in a way that can be digested , that it can begin to be approached in some way that prepares people, emotionally to receive the facts…how do things become ‘popular psychology’?

Speaking to a colleague in the pub recently about the things that really bother me – how will I die if I DON’T know that the world will go on?…and what will happen if consciousness dies (in the sense of a narrative, witness, reflection). He had an overwhelming urge to run out of the pub when I got onto this.

In a recent dream, an apocalyptic scene- fire and eruption all around – I was with this family and the father was trying to find somewhere to lie down to die. I knew that this was IT. The End of the World. I was quite calm and accepting.

I wonder if it is entering the collective dream world. Do you Mark or you M-J hear of such dreams? Is this another way ‘in’?

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