People Just Aren’t Interested

Oh dear. We’ve just installed solar water heating, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and it’s working brilliantly. Completely, so far, doing away with the need for any additional gas water heating. But, what’s the first thing the neighbours said when we first encountered them this week after the installation?

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Findhorn and Farewell to Father

So, my father’s funeral has been and gone, as has my curtailed Findhorn retreat and my own same-day 59th birthday. And while my sibs, my kids (excepting daughter in NZ) and nephews/nieces were there with my steps to see Dad off in Birmingham, for ancient but still important family reasons, my Mum and I needed […]

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Do We Deserve to Survive?

The photo doesn’t show it very clearly, but with the journey resumed by train from Edinburgh to the Highlands, across the Forth Bridge (see pillars in the background), I’m moved to wonder whether we as humans really deserve to survive. My tendon is behaving itself after all, to my surprise, but this morning in Edinburgh, […]

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Greetings from Achilles

Readers of this blog from last year may recall my Europe trip being held up for several weeks in Vienna and Budapest with a sore left ankle. Well, Achilles is back, and the rest of the body to which the tendon is attached is, after just one day, laid up in Hawick, stlll Scottish borders, […]

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