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Mark cycling in the Loire region, 2007
Mark cycling in the Loire region, 2007

Well, the blog has been quiet for quite a while, during which time I’ve rethought my plans to cycle around the world, and resolved to focus instead on the increasingly rewarding work of psychotherapy, supervision, trauma training and support – and just being in England and the glorious Cotswolds.

Most of the time, anyway, since plans are afoot for an extensive bike tour of Southern China and Vietnam in the autumn of next year – once, that is, the bulk of a new training in couples therapy is safely under the belt. Or the helmet.

Also, there are things to be said, and ideas to be engaged with, on the climate change front, where, with George Monbiot in the Guardian this week – responding to an extraordinarily and sadly ill-judged and ill-informed Point of View on the BBC from Clive James – I can only conclude that those arguing for a global change of heart on effective and meaningful action are simply losing.

So – new blog posts will occasionally be emerging, together with photos more-or-less embarrassing, and with luck mainly without helmets.

But having redirected the main Braynework website to this truly cornily but irresistably entitled Psychlotherapist destination (and separately to my wife Sue’s D-Word pages on Talking about Dying), the pictures will continue, at least for a while, to reflect the cycling and psychling theme.

I hope you enjoy the site.

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