Talking at Deutsche Welle about Climate Change and Journalism

It’s not the most comprehensive of packages, but Deutsche Welle in Bonn have done an interesting job of summarising a panel on the journalism of climate change which I ran, together with Mary-Jayne Rust, in Bonn in June.

With some 1400 participants registered, many from developing countries helped financially to take part by the German Foreign Ministry, it was one of the world’s most substantial meetings so far on the reporting of climate change.

Massive new insights? Not all that many, but a worthwhile occasion – and not just for the fabulous food and Rhine cruise which were part of the social package.

For the record, here’s a report of our panel for DW, and below an article I’ve written on the conference for Transformations, the journal of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility PCSR.

If the dinosaurs had been reading Germany’s Bild Zeitung, implies the caption to this street advertisement, then they might have been prepared for what was coming and have adapted to a post-meteorite planet.

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