Back in Action – and Planning a new Ride

Molly May outside the CCPE in the Basin at Little Venice near Paddington in London

Ah well squared.

The great 6000-mile bike ride from Cirencester to Hanoi didn’t come off,  but there have been compensations.

Since my last post, I was for quite a while in a bit of a grim state, recuperating at home from what a lovely young German neurologist – eventually consulted at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford – agreed was probably the impact on an old injury to nerves in the neck of, in effect, an overdose of antiobiotics, anaesthetics and inoculations.

One can, it seems, over-prepare, and that’s why I had to turn back in The Hague.

For a while, I’d hoped to resume the journey just with some delay, as outlined in previous posts. My nerves had different ideas.

At the beginning of June, I called the whole thing off. And warm thanks to my insurers, Citybond via the Cycle Touring Club, for reimbursing most of the flights and visa costs I’d run up in readiness for the Big Trip. Continue reading