Daughter Kat and Mount Taranaki both reached. 900 miles in 16 days. One chuffed psychlotherapist.

Mount Taranaki, spied suddenly on rounding a bend towards New Plymouth.

As always, fuller set of photos here.

I said I probably wouldn’t blog again very soon, but rounding a corner yesterday on the final stretch into Kat’s home province of Taranaki, seeing the local volcano looming above the clouds just stopped me in my tracks, and I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of views.

A real volcano. Though the clouds are clouds and not fire and brimstone. At this point.

So, a final day of 90 miles/146km saw me spinning up the south coast of Taranaki with a fabulous tailwind in burning sunshine, a bit up and down, but allowing self and Raven to complete the first part of this amazing journey in speed and in style.

Kat and partner Mela, with Mela’s Mum Laura, had prepared a fabulous, and thanks to a couple of Tui beers also a cooling and liquid welcome at Mela’s childhood home in Normanby, just off the main highway out of Hawera north towards New Plymouth.

Father and daughter happily reunited.

900 miles in all so far, or 1440km, with a further couple of days after Christmas riding up what they call here the Forgotten Highway, then a week in Napier and Hawkes Bay with first mountain bikes and then Raven again, pottering round some gentle trails with Kat and Mela and visiting a few vineyards.

And to round off five weeks in NZ, there’ll be three days canoeing/kayaking down the Wanganui river, self-sufficient with tents and food carried with us in a group of about 12.

Al – these might be the ones to get that piano moved to Mum’s…

Mostly youngsters, but I’m glad to hear from Kat and Mela that there’ll be a related couple in their 50s, so I won’t need to feel too embarrassed by my slow progress.

After all, it’s my legs which have got me this far. My arms and shoulders have been serving only as shock absorbers and are now having to work for their living. And a – young – Swiss couple biking south whom I met on the way north said they’d just done the river, and it was Hard Work.

Wish me luck! And to remind, fuller set of most recent photos here.

6 responses to “Daughter Kat and Mount Taranaki both reached. 900 miles in 16 days. One chuffed psychlotherapist.”

  1. Congratulations Mark

    What an achievement, you must be so thrilled. I’ve been following your journey with interest, thank you for the blog and the wonderful photos.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and then further adventures and treasure these special times with your daughter.
    I’m driving down to Cornwall to be with my daughter and partner for a couple of days, floods permitting, then all the family are coming to me for new Year.
    We are truly blessed
    Travel safely see you when you get back
    Lynne x


  2. Hiya Mark, just read the blog from start to here; fantastic! I envy you. Also interested in the bike; I didn’t realise that you could get hub gears with as many gears.
    Hope you had a great Xmas; would be great to catch up with Kat so sure you did. Very close to us in Melbourne; one of these days you must drop in.
    Warm regards, Peter and Cait.


  3. Hiya Mark,
    Great to travel with you, armchair style! Wow what a trip you are having, sounds amazing and so good to see all the pics of a familiar route I did myself a few years ago…..not on a bike however!
    Happy Christmas
    MJ x


    • It is indeed quite a country, is it not MJ. Good to know you’ve been here too – revolutionary experiences to be exchanged on my return…. Happy new year. xx


  4. Wow Mark what a triumph. Clearly, again, timing is all. Happy Christmas and New Year to you and beautiful family. Indra x


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