Soooo close!!! To doing the mountain bike circuit…. Vid on YouTube

You might enjoy – more than I did at the final denouement, though we had a fabulous day – this video, captured by Kat, of yours truly attempting (about 20th go) a circuit of the mountain bike obstacle course at PanPac forest nr Napier in NZ.

View video, then photo….. Enjoy!


4 responses to “Soooo close!!! To doing the mountain bike circuit…. Vid on YouTube”

  1. Enjoyed the video – more than you enjoyed the ride! Happy new year to you, Sue, Audrey and your family. Come to Scotland soon. Best wishes

    Ian & Cynthia Arisaig

    • Thanks both of you. Actually, that was a bit of journalistic hype – I loved the day, so much that I can imagine future mountain biking holidays. If 62+-year-old limbs allow…. Looking forward to biking again through Scotland, and I will call by if I do. After NZ, God’s Own Pedalling Paradise.

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