New Psychlotherapist blog settings…

PA psychotherapy client asked me the other day, “Why, Mark, do you blog? What a strange thing to do.”

It was a very appropriate challenge, and it made me think.

And indeed, I thought so much that I’m changing the public visibility of this blog in a way that allows – for the time being – Google to index and track all pages and posts on this site, but without a menu tab.

So, to get here, you have to have wanted to get here – a bit like the light bulb in therapy that will only change, however good the therapist, if it wants to change.

Self-disclosure is always an interesting edge for therapists, and those who’ve worked with me know that, perhaps, I self-disclose more than most.

I work transparently with my clients, in a real and sometimes difficult relationship, and I believe this serves their growth, and my integrity, better than being too reserved.

It’s a style that works for me, I believe, but it’s one that won’t and doesn’t work for everyone.

So, no more self-exposing blogging for the time being at least, though I hope that the posts I have made here over the years might continue to interest and stimulate.

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