Stoker musings

My minute 25-litre front pannier.  

Time for the stoker to come on-line.

Having encouraged Mark to go ahead with this venture and stoked his organising enthusiasm I find myself getting surprisingly excited about this trip.

I look forward to pedalling the length of NZ and my body into uncharted ways of being (bar 3 weeks tandeming around killingly hilly Scotland in 1979) plus channelling it all into a worthwhile cause.

My worst cycling day ever. At the top of Applecross in Scotland with DaisyOne, our first tandem, in 1979

At this point I’m not feeling daunted by the miles, but OMG my luggage allowance!

A miserly 25 litres faced by someone who struggles to keep to a 21kg airline baggage allowance at the best of times.

Hey-ho, no luxurious deliberations what to wear in the mornings, we should be able to cover the daily mile quota no trouble at all…

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