Flying Tonight – having tried to check in to wrong, cancelled Qantas flight

Rule one of flying, esp with code share. Check in with correct Airline. Emirates (ours) is flying tonight (sounds like a Chinese chippie). Qantas, which we tried to board, isn’t.

So, DaisyTwo is accepted through to Auckland in her plastic bag, and we’re about to head out on the adventure of a lifetime.


Having first cycled across London and taken in the appropriate sights. Selfies rule OK – except best done by waylaying friendly tourist to take the shot.Jutta above at the wrong check-in desk. OK, my bad (Mark speaking).BuckPal above, and Big Ben below.


And here our two lovely porters at the Emirates checkin desk, who gently ported DaisyTwo to the baggage handlers, for loading aboard an Airbus 380 (doubledecker, can’t wait) first to Dubai, then to Brisbane, then something smaller to Auckland. And below, a quick stopover at Downing St – two fervent pro-Europeans.


And now, we must rush to the departure gate. Jutta’s already standing over me, looking worried and impatient. Fair enough.

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