90-Mile Beach, and we’re away with first 105-km day

DSC00579The photos perhaps might best speak for themselves, but back for a night in Kaitaia, we’re now seriously underway with two fabulous, and sun-searing+overcast days of riding already behind us.

The lighthouse and the lady.

Some 160 km so far, which means that if we keep this up – and don’t get too bogged down with evening internet and blog posts – we should indeed make it the 3000km to Bluff.

Bottoms holding up on hard seats, if that’s the correct language, for both of us (Jutta no longer feels a fraud) though nasty sunburn (see picture) in places I hadn’t realised the sun would reach on the bike. Rather silly that.

The boys from Harrisons in Kaitaia ferried us and Daisy safely to Cape Reinga itself at the very north, but on Monday evening we decided it would be safer not to venture straight out onto Northland’s legendary 90-Mile Beach with its treacherous high tides, so joined the sands only in late afternoon on Day 2.

What an experience. But otherwise, over to the pictures.

Thanks to the boys from Harrisons for placing Daisy so gently on an old mattress!
Up and away
North Cape’s giant sand dunes – we decided not to head out onto 90-Mile Beach that first day, too dangerous,
But joined instead 3/4 of the way down, with some ferrying of bags and bike across the dunes
Heave ho.
Very sunburnt left arm here and a whole lot of beach.
We made it.

So, two days down and six more weeks to go till we reach Bluff. Minor technical hiccups so far, but we’re in best of shape and spirits. Next post in a couple of days, and don’t forget that we’re raising money for the Rory Peck Trust….

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