1000 miles down on TandemTA, and here’s our route so far

Tbe map of our journey so far….


Crazily beautiful scenery riding today, day 25 of the TandemTA, from HuHa backpackers 70km to Murchison in the mountainous heart of the top end of the North Island.

Great to hear from the girls, Katie Brayne and Carmela Snooks, that they’re going fine up north, if at the moment bit slower than planned.

Fabulous backpackers in Murchison, the Lazy Cow with best pizza ever and free beer, and run by ex-Somerset couple who, like so many we’ve met on this trip, have moved lock stock and to New Zealand, and absolutely love it here.

Daisy’s back wheel behaving itself beautifully, so thanks again to Owen Hughes in Wellington for a piece of true craftsmanship.

And great to be regularly overtaken by official Tour Aotearoa riders, all of them enthused and hugely respectful of our gentle version. Although largely twice their average age, we feel most flattered.

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