Nearly a month in now to TandemTA of NZ, 1800km and hello Victoria and Albert

No sun today on Day 27 of our tandem tour of Aotearoa/New Zealand, but a rewarding, hard ride from Springs Junction through and over the Victoria Forest Park (between Mounts Victoria and Albert – I just wonder when they might have been named!)

Sometimes, even as fit as we now are, we just have to get off the push.

The 45-km pedal to Reefton is described by the Kennett Brothers in their brilliant guide to cycle touring in NZ as one of the best rides on the planet, and Jutta and I wouldn’t disagree.

The mountains of Victoria Forest Park, and a typically stony river bed. Thankfully not one we need to ride.

While the boys and girls we met last night beetled off sideways over seven hours of high mountain bike trails, we tootled along the valley below, meaning that after seven and a bit hours of riding for us, and something like 11 in total for them, we all arrived at the Former Hilton Hotel in Blackball at more or less the same time, ready to share one of the best meals of the trip so far.

Everything you need to power a hard day’s tandem climbing on Daisy2. Hearty breakfast and sandfly repellent…. Though the vicious little blighters (fair enough, they too have to eat) can’t attack when you’re moving.

105km in one day – one very pleased but also very wet-on-arrival as the heavens opened, and elderly, pair of tandem riders.

Good news from the North. Katie Brayne and Mela are now safely in Wanganu, without an H, having negotiated three days of back-forest tracks ready for the dash to Wellington across much of the route we’ve already travelled with Daisy.

Plans are, perhaps, to meet up in Wanaka way down South, but key thing is, everyone’s well, bikes are behaving themselves, and with luck we should all finish the Tour as planned.

TA riders on their specialised brevet bikes (MUCH lighter and narrower profile than us on Daisy) preparing for a hard day ahead early morning at Springs Junction.
Gazillions of cows crossing the road ahead of us. Very typical.
Our usual view of other Tour Aotearoa riders – having zoomed past us, disappearing fast into the distance ahead of us.
Anyone interested in a second-hand Maxi. Rather than expensively recycle them, many Kiwis in the backwoods prefer to leave their old cars to rot in the grass. Picturesque, sort of, and only in NZ.
For sale, well-appointed house bus. With Section (Kiwi for a plot of land) and a derelict cottage attached...
For sale, well-appointed house bus. With Section (Kiwi for a plot of land) and a derelict cottage attached…

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