Tandem TA with just 400km to go.

Bruce Bay, NZ West Coast, on our way south towards Haast. One amazing beach.

As Katie Brayne and Carmela Snooks rapidly approach us from the North, Jutta and I now realise that once we reach Wanaka in just two days’ time (big and steep 1500-foot climb today looming over the Haast Pass), we’ll be just 300 km away from our final destination in Bluff.

Given how we’re now able to cover distances, we could do it in three days – so with well over 2000km already behind us from Cape Reinga over the month since we set out, we’re beginning to feel as if we’re nearly there.

HOWEVER, a plan, and public suggestion to the girls.

How’s about we hole up in Wanaka where yous two (LOVE the way the Kiwis say yous with an S when they mean you in the plural) can catch us up, and we all process the final stretch down to Bluff in a magnificent convoy?

In the meantime, we’ve had two wonderful days where the three of us (that’s Mark, Jutta and Daisy) have been spinning along from Fox Glacier to Franz Josef and on, on, on down the NZ West Coast here to Haast last night (123 km in one day) with gentle tail winds and mostly fabulously cycle-friendly weather.

As ever, pictures tell the story, with captions to add the detail. And to cycling friends who’ve been asking about Daisy’s configuration, a couple of images included which show how she functions in a bit more detail.

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