Mount Ventoux – with a little electro-help

Our two Kalkhoff BeatBikes, from, took Mt Ventoux – the Mecca of serious global cycling and 5000 feet or so of uphill slog – in their stride.

Mark got up on the Sport setting, and bottom gear, while Jutta used the full Monty, on Power all the way up. And even then, we each had half a battery spare for the ride home.

A great day, and enjoy the pix.

Atop Mt Ventoux, two BeatBikes and proud handlers.
Jutta tiny against the mountain, Ventoux summit in sight.
Yes, with that sit-up-and-beg position, Jutta does look like a shopper on her way to the supermarket in Amsterdam…
Mark’s e-bike with a couple of Ortlieb panniers. When we’re touring, with gear, there’s a seriously large top bag across the back pannier carrier as well.
View of Jutta and hilly Provence.
On our way up.
Provencal roads, magical for cycling.
Lavender about to bloom – signature view for Provence, looking down to Sainte Jalle.
Not difficult to see where the French impressionists got their inspiration. Nature paints the light, and you just have to capture it. Here at Sainte-Jalle, Provence.

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