Daisy’s home, fully resprayed and refurbished, with a tough new Rohloff.

Daisy’s home. Reunited – bright yellow and beautifully restored by St John St Cycles – with her birth family of bikes. 11 sets of wheels, 12 seats.
The rebuilt Rohloff. The second of two I’ve ever bought to have split along the flange, and the second to have been replaced/rebuilt free of charge by Thorn.
Daisy and Raven, snuggling up.
Closer view of the two Rohloffs, both replacements for shells that split where the high-tension spokes thread in to the hub.
Daisy refurbished
Daisy still in the workshop at St John St Cycles in Bridgwater.
Very carefully packed…
Daisy’s back end, emerging from the box. And ready to head to Moscow in May.
New decals on the shiny new yellow.
Slightly battered bottom tube, probably from all the air miles that Daisy has done. Neatly covered over with new paint and a new logo.
All the Brayne bikes lined up, from 2xThorn to 2xeBikes, 3xfoldables, 2xMountain and 2x Thoroughly Ancient Racers/town bikes. .
The two eBikes.
Two Bromptons and a Dahon.
Kat and Mela’s two mountain bikes, which did the Tour Aotearoa from top to bottom of NZ
Jutta’s and Mark’s ancient racers, one a Peugeot and one a Raleigh. Steel, reliable, clunky…

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