Christmas Greetings 2020 from Mark and Jutta

Dear friends, family and colleagues,

I’m sure I’m breaching copyright something rotten, but for our (much-later-than-usual) 2020 Christmas/New Year letter, the Telegraph’s Matt pretty much nailed it.

So not having left our home in Sheringham since March except for a couple of dashes to London to grandson Leo and his parents Chris and Lena (now with us for Xmas having themselves dashed up from Watford just before The Ultimate Lockdown), here’s wishing you the best possible Christmas-in-the-circumstances with some pictures and some captions.

With love and best wishes from Mark and Jutta.

Almost final thought. Three rather fun podcasts done this year with Cold War Conversations, on reporting the Cold War from Berlin, Vienna, Beijing and the WS diplomatic beat.
And definitely final thought, before 2021 hits us, two blog posts on being diagnosed, very late in life, with Aspergers. Makes sense at last of how life has unfolded…Aspergers, Part 1 and Being Aspergers, Part the Second.
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