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Jutta and Mark on our Tour Aotearoa are thrilled to be raising money for the Rory Peck Trust, the only charity in the world specifically dedicated to supporting freelance journalists and camerapeople, and their families, when they get into trouble for the essential work that they do for all of us.

As founding Director of the Dart Centre Europe for Journalism and Trauma, Mark has been a committed and active supporter of the Rory Peck Trust since the early noughties.

Now with Jutta back on board (after a 14-year hiatus while we continued our psychotherapeutic journeys following our 2000 divorce to remarry in 2013, as one does…) we’re working with the Trust towards building a trauma support network for freelance journalists traumatised by the work they do.

There’s loads of info all over this blog about our journeys literal and metaphorical, by bicycle, boat and by soul, and we hope you both enjoy the pictures and the stories – but above all, that you’ll support us on our 3000km tour of New Zealand by giving generously to the Trust.