M&J with Daisy2

M&J with DaisyTwo

Welcome to Mark and Jutta Brayne’s PsychLotherapists blog – yes, with an L – and especially to our current tandem Tour Aotearoa of New Zealand.

We set off from the UK on Feb 3, 2016, and from Cape Reinga at the top of North Island a week or so later, we’re pedalling our beloved touring tandem DaisyTwo nearly 3000km the length of NZ, finishing up in Bluff at the bottom of South Island about six weeks later.

We’re blogging and posting pictures as we go – not too many, but depending on WiFi enough, we hope, to enthuse our supporters to give generously to our chosen charity, the Rory Peck Trust.

Click here to donate – our goal is £3000, to support the RPT in setting up an informal psychological support and treatment network for freelance journalists around the world, and their families, sometimes traumatised by the invaluable work they do reporting the world’s troubles.

This blog has posts going back several years now, to when Mark – not yet remarried to Jutta, which came to pass in 2013 after a break of 13 years – cycled to Budapest and back in 2008, and then the length of New Zealand’s South Island in 2012.

And there are recordings from Mark’s time as BBC radio correspondent in Beijing and elsewhere in the 1980s, some in full feature form, some as packages ready to assemble.

For some crazier fun, enjoy our Barbershop quartet The Four Tones singing in Beijing in 1986, in which Mark was joined by American then-businessman Bill Zarrit, US Embassy then-charge Darryl Johnson and the British Council’s Jasper Utley.