What is it with France?

A sobering quarter century or so ago, I recall appearing with our Barbershop Quartet The Four Tones in the British Embassy Pantomime (can’t remember what the nominal theme was, but it was hilarious) in Peking-as-was/Beijing-as-is with a jaunty, entertainingly xenophobic song that had as its refrain “Zat’s why you lurve ze French.” (Cliche-laden photo right of, right-to-left, […]

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Pedalus Interruptus

Sadly, sadly, dear friends, followers and supporters,  the feared flare of neck and nerves happened in Holland, and I’m afraid to have to report that today Tuesday I am  back home in Cirencester, having been retrieved from the Harwich ferry this morning by my lovely Sue. As you can see from the pictures, I did […]

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Up and Away

So, the journey begins. Forty miles north-east from Cirencester to friends near Banbury, and neither wind nor rain, nor even hills proved as challenging as I persuaded myself to expect. Averaging just eight miles an hour, progress across Europe will be slow – heading for Cambridge tomorrow, then Harwich, Hook of Holland, Munster, Bielefeld, Hanover, […]

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Early MLB setting out in life

Continuing my journey back to the images of childhood, before setting out for six months on the road at 62, I can’t resist posting a couple of evocative pictures from the very early years, at Duckshole Farm near Holt in North Norfolk – causing my brother Hugh early grief, but already displaying the instincts of […]

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Looking Forward and Back

Having begun seriously to spread the word about the bike trip, including newsletters to EMDR colleagues and the Cantores Choir mailing list, I guess I need to start registering how the preparations for my own journey starting early April are coming along. Curious how looking back helps with the looking forward. As I peruse Google Maps […]

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