1986 Four Tones Barbershop (12)Just for fun, I’m posting on this page pictures and recordings of one of the greatest Barbershop quartets ever to perform in China in the 1980s – probably because we were about the only one.

1986 Four Tones Barbershop (7)

The Four Tones (of course, being the high, rising, falling-rising and falling tones of Mandarin Chinese) were made up of lead baritone Jasper Becker of the British Council; bass Darryl Johnson, in his spare time charge d’affaires at the American embassy; American businessman Bill Zaritt as the wonderful top tenor; and myself as somewhere between baritone and bass.

Click below the pictures for links to a selection of our best recordings, from our 1986 Christmas show at the Great Wall Hotel.

1986 Four Tones Barbershop (34)1986 Four Tones Barbershop (14)

Enjoy! We did.

My Evaline

My Blue Heaven


Love Letters in the Sand


Good Night My Love – from the Music Man

Aura Lee

I Can’t Give You Anything But Love

Good Night My Love – from the Music Man

Yessir That’s my Baby


The End of a Long Day

The Animals are Coming

That’s Why We Love the French

I Want to Synchronise



Plenty of Nothing

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