Will We Save the World?

The occasional visitor to these pages may recall that last year, we installed a solar hot water system in our house in Cirencester. It’s worked brilliantly, meaning we didn’t need to use any gas at all through the summer and well into the autumn – admittedly helped by switching the Aga off as well (a beast […]

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The Coming Climate Change Panic

For those readers of this modest blog interested in perhaps the best climate change discussion out there on the web, I’d like to recommend Climate Progress.org. They have a fascinating and frighteningly relevant series of postings currently up there on the overlap between climate change and human population – including a link to the clearest […]

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Copenhagen – A Bucket of Cold Water

With Copenhagen now over, I’ve been wondering how, briefly, to capture here in words and an appropriate image my own increasingly clear understanding, which the climate summit has served only to reinforce, that the game is over. The image  I alighted on is perhaps a little subtle, rediscovered among thousands of old negatives I’m now […]

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Clive James and Global Warming…

It’s worth listening again to/reading Clive James from the weekend before last on climate change, and how in his view the uncertainty around the science (!) illustrates the value of scepticism. Important, I think, both to read his piece and the largely intelligent responses which the BBC has posted at the bottom.

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People Just Aren’t Interested

Oh dear. We’ve just installed solar water heating, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and it’s working brilliantly. Completely, so far, doing away with the need for any additional gas water heating. But, what’s the first thing the neighbours said when we first encountered them this week after the installation?

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