The Crow Who Feared a Popgun

In honour and memory of our inspirational, hugely talented – and complex – mother Audrey, her ashes now safely stored under our Sheringham stairs awaiting Lifeboat dispersal at sea next month, here’s posting a scanned and carefully edited copy of possibly the most influential book I have ever read, or had read to me. Conceived, […]

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Musings on Russia, 45 years on.

To say that Russia and the ex-Soviet space is complicated (think war journalist Arkady Babchenko, whose back-from-the-dead story unfolded during our spring 2018 trip here) is something of an understatement. As we’ve travelled (not by bike this time), we’ve of course been aware and on occasion reminded of unpleasant undercurrents that remain, both Soviet and […]

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New Website

Well, the blog has been quiet for quite a while, during which time I’ve rethought my plans to cycle around the world, and resolved to focus instead on the increasingly rewarding work of psychotherapy, supervision, trauma training and support – and just being in England and the glorious Cotswolds.

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Blog going quiet for the time being

I had thought, very seriously, of heading round the world on a bicycle next year. I have rethought that thought – and won’t now be doing that. Indeed, for the time being, I’m putting this blog (with all the posts-that-haven’t-happened of the past few months) on ice, with a view to consolidating it perhaps with […]

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Switching Sites

Delighted to discover that people I hadn’t realised were following this blog (well, at least one, in the person of Caroline Finnigan at the BBC) are so doing. See comment to the last post on Tiananmen Square, and apologies for leaving you out of the credits, Caroline. The psychlotherapist blog continues, for those armies of […]

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Findhorn and Farewell to Father

So, my father’s funeral has been and gone, as has my curtailed Findhorn retreat and my own same-day 59th birthday. And while my sibs, my kids (excepting daughter in NZ) and nephews/nieces were there with my steps to see Dad off in Birmingham, for ancient but still important family reasons, my Mum and I needed […]

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