Old BBC Radio Features

As discussed with a marvellously responsive lecture-theatre-full of Cardiff University MA students in international journalism in November 2011, I’m posting here some of my old BBC Radio News features from Beijing, recorded and broadcast between 1984 and 1987 when I was working there as BBC China correspondent.

Note that several of these are in kit form, as recorded in Beijing (Peking as we called it then) for airfreight shipping on audio cassette to BBC programmes in London, where they were mixed and assembled for broadcast.

If you hit one that’s in such truncated form, you may well not wish to listen on – but if you’re a student of broadcast journalism (in which case, this page is designed specifically for you), it might give you some useful insights into how radio can be put together.

Click on the pages underneath the Radio Features tab at the top of the page to see what’s new and what’s old, or on the links below.

A (large) selection of random features about ordinary Chinese life 1984-86

Biking in Peking 1984

Bird Market Peking 1985

Wham in Peking/Beijing 1985

Yugoslavia International Assignment Autumn 1988

Tibet International Assignment June 1985

Xinjiang Features Spring 1986

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