The BBC Past

1980: My favourite radio moment, during a recording of a despatch from Berlin just after our son Christopher was born in 1980. Keep listening – the tape was kept by my London colleagues who fell about, I gather.

1984: Just for fun, report recorded and broadcast in Hungarian on the position of ethnic Romanians in Hungarian border villages during the later years of Communist rule.

1984 World Service Letter from Budapest, with whimsical take on what fun it was to report from the Happiest Barracks in the (Soviet) bloc.

1987 report from Taiwan on the Chinese economic miracle that was already sweeping the mainland, as Communist China in social and economic if not in political terms came to resemble more and more conditions on the island that Mao and his Party never ruled.

1990: BBC World Service Sony Radio Award nomination for my work in various locations as communism crashed and was challenged around the world, including Tiananman Square in China in May 1989 and especially the Romanian revolution in December of that year. Includes reports in German and Russian.

1990: One month after the Romanian Revolution, January 1990, the Transsylvanian city of Brasov settles into its new reality.

1999: On the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism across Central and Eastern Europe, a final international pulling-it-together programme for the World Service to Misha Glenny’s BBC Radio Four series.

2000: Reporter’s Notes a journey through the soundscape of my correspondent years, with Emily Buchanan as interviewer and edited by the incomparable sound artist for radio Simon Elmes.

2002 Sony radio-award-nominated hour-long examination, produced by the brilliant Simon Elmes for Radio Four, of the psychology of the diplomacy that ended the Cold War without bloodshed. Including in-depth interviews with two of the Foreign Ministers in diplomatic power ion 1989/90, James Baker of the US and Douglas Hurd of the UK, and with the Hungarian Prime Minister at that time Miklos Nemeth.

2002 BBC Radio Four investigation for Crossing Continents of mass emigration from the former Soviet republic of Moldova, up against Romania’s Eastern border.

2011: Long interview with BBC’s veteran Scotland Correspondent Colin Blane on the journey from reporter to psychotherapist and trauma specialist. Note that Colin was my standin replacement in Beijing when we left at the end of 1987, and thoroughly confused the Chinese with a surname which, rendered into Chinese characters, sounds the same as the man whose position he was taking. Blane/Brayne, just a matter of Ls and Rs.

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