Daisy gets rugged with Rügen

Experimenting with a quick post from just beyond Greifswald, after a fabulous two day 200km+ run around Germany’s premier holiday island of Rügen (accommodation already in v short supply) and with Jutta fast asleep mid-afternoon on the bench opposite.

Portfolio of pix to illustrate, though difficult to capture the staggering around in the mid-night dark of a campsite finding one’s way to the loo. Saves on the financial outlay, but tad sub-optimal in other ways.

We managed in our onwards enthusiasm to miss Rügen’s main tourist sight, the chalk cliffs just north of Sassnitz made especially famous by Caspar David Friedrich.

But hey, a wonderful “evening run” as we call our later-in-the-day powering through.

After some toing and froing, we’re aiming to cycle indeed all the way to Gdansk over the coming week, though beer and a large schnitzel at lunchtime may be contraindicated…

As ever, pix, with captions.

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