Moving on at last…

The weather forecast for the Bern area in Switzerland is sunny today, Sunday, so time to be cycling on again, recovered, repaired, recuperated, restored – with warm and dry thanks to Bob and Doodie in Geneva and to Clare in Bern.

Tomorrow’s forecast is again for heavy rain. But if I stay any longer, this will become a tourist rather than a cycling trip round Europe. I now am armed with seriously waterproof gloves as well, the last chink in my initially inadequate rain armour. So Raven awaits.

But I do sometimes wonder if it would be easier just to be a waterproof dog, like this magnificent specimen spied on the cobbled streets of beautiful Bern on Saturday. Plato! (An in-comment for Sue.)

Or a juggler in the dry. (Alastair, old son, have you ever seen someone juggling SEVEN balls??).

The other photo is of course just Clare and myself on one of Bern’s bridges, looking across the river at the Cathedral here. Taken for us by a sweet Japanese tourist lady who really knew how to use a camera – taking enough time to cause a pedestrian traffic jam on the pavement as the patient Bernese (so this is where the sauce comes from) waited for her to frame the shot and finish.

I shall leave the bottom left corner of Switzerland today with cries ringing in my ears from Clare and Bob and Doodie of “Will you get off that blanekty-blank computer!!!!”

It’s been so nice to work on real PCs rather than my fiddly little portable keyboard and the Blackberry – but Flickr and trying to post photos is enough to drive one demented.

Think of an amount of time you might need to resolve a computer problem, and then multiply it by ten to get a realistic assessment of how long it will really take. Sue will smile wanly at this observation. If she reads the blog….

So, next stop just 40 undulating Swiss miles away to the north, and my old Dart Centre friend and colleague Rolf von Siebenthal and his family. A true Swiss with, as I recall, a nuclear air raid shelter in his basement, filled however with bicycles.

Oh yes, I know this blog gives a sense of connection, but it’s a bit one way. So if you’re tempted to email me as well (KIDS!!) please do. It’s so good to hear..

And PS – just realised that all my posts so far have been logged as originating on US Pacific time, eight hours behind Central Europe. Giving a rather skewed impression of when I’m awake, sleeping, blogging or cycling. Have just corrected the template, so should now be correct.

Onwards! Get OFF that Blackberry…

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