One Day In, and Careful What You Eat

Experimenting with a Garmin map below of our first day’s cycling north from Warsaw – very nearly 100km before we had to stop with Jutta nursing a very sore stomach from eating something that disagreed.

She’s feeling better today as we enjoy an unplanned 24-hour pause at a delightful small hotel on our way towards the Baltic.

Until it wasn’t, yesterday was magic as we pedalled through an unspoiled, hot, late summer Polish countryside alive with storks and – compared with the contract behemoths that now work our English countryside – dinky, individually-owned combine harvesters and balers very much like those we used growing up in 1960s Norfolk.

Jutta’s already feeling much better, so with luck, the journey resumes in the morning.

The open Polish countryside – we made sure after this stretch that we stayed on tarmac. Manoeuvering a very heavy bicycle through soft sand is a hard push.
Jutta nearly reached her 1975 record of 21 stork sightings in one day. We made it to 20 before she fell sick.
Mr & Mrs Stork. Not too many broad-mouthed frogs hereabouts (old East German joke relates).
Harvesters at work.
Ancient old Harvesters flat out in the deepest countryside north of Warsaw.
Picnic with Daisy, and Jutta
Another group of ancient harvesters, though of a different kind. Here with host and old BBC friend and Warsaw colleague Karol Malcuzynski.
Jutta with block of flats where she lived for several weeks in summer of 1975 on a working study leave break at the (then West) German embassy in Warsaw.
Former Victoria Hotel where the visiting journos lived during the Solidarity summer of 1981.

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