Norovirus Rules – but, Kaliningrad here we come.

First, a couple of Garmin map links if you’re interested in our exact route, and speeds, and elevation and all the rest.

If you check, you’ll note that the first one suddenly picks up speed dramatically after Rozogi. And yes, from that point we were no longer trundling sedately along on Daisy, but aboard a VW Transporter taxi taking us both as rapidly as possible to hotel, bed and safety as Mark brewed, two days later than Jutta, the same Norovirus projectile vomiting bug.

Needless to say, no cycling got done yesterday either, which has meant that by the end of week one-of-four away, we’re already three days down on our original pedalling plans.

Hey ho, life is life, and we’re both now fine, and loving the Polish scenery – today the waterways of the Mazurian Lakes, formerly the southern part of German East Prussia and one of the loveliest holiday destinations imaginable (as long as the weather is as good as it was today.) Let the pix speak.

Tomorrow, we hope for our first, full, untruncated day’s ride, with neither VW minibus nor a boat to help us on our way, and with neither of us ending our ride with a mad, urgent dash for the loo…

We’re heading first thing out of Gizycko past Hitler’s latter wartime bunker in the forests at Wolfsschanze/Wolf’s Lair (the place where the July 20 1944 assassination attempt failed and which was blown up by his guards just before the Russians got here in early 1945), and thence to Goldap to cross into Kaliningrad Oblast, with luck, on Sunday.

Formerly an entirely closed military area, and we’re going through on a tandem. Could be interesting.

The gravel/sand road that did me in yesterday – glorious scenery, but seriously hard work keeping Daisy upright in the soft surface. And avoiding all the cows…
Hotel Nidski in Ruciane Nida – a three-star oasis for recovery from Norovirus in one of the most beautiful parts of the world we’ve ever been
Jutta’s capture of the evening light from the back of the hotel, as Mark was groaning in thankfully transient Norovirus agony indoors.
The Masurian Lakes., We went today from down the bottom to pretty much near the top, mostly on a boat. Ah, peace and relaxation.
Individuals enjoying the three-hour boat ride from Mikolajki to Gizycko.
Hat to smile. Polish blokes cooling off over a beer – nothing like a cold compress on the lower limbs while the rest of the family do family things onshore.
Bit blurred, but clear who’s navigating.
The lakes here are all joined up with 19th century, and some earlier, canals. VERY popular, and rightly so.
A typcal Masurian Lake view.
Daisy loaded. We’re a bit like a road train when we’re up and rolling. Unstoppable.

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